The Journal – In Depth

Here, you will find all promotional materials relating to the short feature film The Journal.


  • The Journal Spot

    A short video that explored what the alternate dimension where the centerpiece of the film "The Journal" may have come…

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  • The Journal First Finder

    During Pre-Production several promotional videos were put together. These videos included a proof of concept acting piece performed by Jennifer…

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  • The Journal – The Making of

    The Journal was filmed entirely in and around the historic suburb of Summit, New Jersey. The outdoor scenes were shot…

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  • The Journal – Cast and Crew

    The Journal included an international cast and crew with a variety of different on set experiences that added to the…

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  • The Journal

    The Journal is Surrealist Pictures' first short feature film. It tells the story of Shawn, a father who has suffered…

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