About Us


Surrealist Pictures was founded in 2015, around the same time that the company's first short film, The Journal, went into production. Since then, we have aimed to put professional, high-quality video content in the hands of artists and small business owners in New York, New Jersey and beyond.



Surrealist Pictures is a collaborative film company that seeks to produce projects that think outside the box. What we like are films that explore different takes on life and its deeper meanings, whether they come in the form of fiction, non-fiction, comedy, drama, etc.


We also participate in the arts and do live recordings of classical concerts, opera and theatrical performances in the New York and New Jersey areas. One of the bigger live performance recordings we do comes from Apotheosis Opera, which translates operas into the English language to appeal to a younger audience.


The key to doing good interview or corporate videos is having a good background, a well lit subject, lots of extra footage (B-Roll) to make the edit interesting and especially clean sound. Members of the company work or have worked in broadcasting and are familiar with all the tricks of the trade to get you looking and sounding good in front of the camera.


Planning is what makes every project work in the long run. Taking the time to recognize what your audience wants and balancing it with your ideas is what makes for a marketable product. It's not enough to just make a video; you have to know what the ultimate goal for your media project is. We like to work with people and conceptualize creative solutions for getting video and media products seen by as many people as possible.

Latest projects

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  • The Journal is Surrealist Pictures' first short feature film. It tells the story of Shawn, a father who has suffered a tragedy that he was...
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  • Surrealist Pictures has been involved with Apotheosis Opera since its opening performance of Tannhäuser in 2015. We handle all of the video production needs for...
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