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Lost In Hyperspace Approved for iTunes

It's been just one day since our submission of Lost in Hyperspace to Apple and we've received approval! So it's now official: Surrealist Pictures' official podcast is available to stream on iTunes.  It still needs time to propagate into their search, but for now, you can find the current four episodes at iTunes, with more…
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Lost in Hyperspace Coming to iTunes

Lost in Hyperspace has been submitted to iTunes for review! Looking forward to hearing back from them and having another platform for people to listen to the latest episodes. So to everyone with an iPhone stay tuned as we bring you updates on this development.
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Lost in Hyperspace: Update

Surrealist Pictures is catching up on its backlog of news, so today, we bring you the next three episodes of our podcast, Lost in Hyperspace! In episode 2, host Brad Christensen talks about the Academy Awards ceremony and two of the films nominated for Best Picture: Moonlight and La La Land. In the third episode,…
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On Set – Plaza Salon & Spa

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Here are some pictures from our latest job working with Plaza Salon & Spa. Great fun making videos with this wonderful group of people.

Plaza does everything from hair, makeup, and nails all the way to full massage treatments. If you're looking for a great Salon or Spa in the Bernardsville area be sure and check out Plaza.

Photos courtesy of Plaza Salon & Spa